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Welcome to Valley Strength and Fitness blog.  This blog is dedicated to all those seeking to improve their fitness and nutrition.  Here are some facts to get your started: 

  1. Exercise energizes you
  2. Just a 10 minute workout will make a difference in your fitness
  3. You don’t have to work up a sweat to burn calories
  4. Exercise helps you fight disease

Protein requirements

Even among some of the higher level athletes I work with, I see quite a few people who are not consistently reaching their protein targets

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As a strength athlete trying to build bigger legs, we have to look at a few different things to make sure we can still progress

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Fruit and Cognition

Mentally tired? Can’t focus on the playbook / work / anything else later in the day? Try eating berries or drinking a berry shake..Berries give

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Low Vit D and Covid

Verified Hey folks! There are some papers coming out on vitamin D deficiency and worse outcomes for those who get COVID-19. I think these new

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From Couch potato to Plyo.

We have seen a drastic change in our culture the last few months, evidently bigger than bodybuilding/health and fitness as a whole. One change within

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