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We are a private gym operating with only the coach and athlete in the facility.  Coaching for your fitness needs is now available.  Contact me to talk about what you need.  Use my contact form to email me or text me.

Voted Clackamas County's #1 Gym of 2019.

Personal Strength Training without the crowds

Personal training

Hi, I’m Ryan Achenbach and I am a personal trainer serving in Portland, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Clackamas and Happy Valley. I am a certified drug free state and national  powerlifting record holder.  In additional, I’ve been a personal trainer for over 10 years and have serviced over 10,000 personal training sessions as the owner of Valley Strength and Fitness.  It is my goal to put the client and their needs first without the impersonal gym intimidation. I strive to make sure you have personal training.

What I offer at Valley Strength is individualized Fat-loss, strength, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and fitness coaching for everyone. Drawing from my knowledge and extensive experience as both a coach and athlete, I will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals and reach your fullest potential.

Is this gym right for me?

Most people who come to me want to improve their fitness, strength, and physique not for a bodybuilding or powerlifting stage, but for their everyday life. If you want to improve the quality of your life through science-driven training, diet, coaching, this is the right gym for you.


Gyms have re-opened but do  you feel safe working out in a large corporate gym, with heavy traffic flowing in and out of there everyday? Maybe it’s time to look into a private gym where traffic can be controlled tightly. Valley Strength and Fitness is a private personal training facility not open to just anyone. The gym is private 1 on 1 personal training with a max of 4 people in here at a time even before the Covid-19 pandemic started.


Spotlight Award

Check out Spotlight Around Town’s January 2020 write up about our personal training. https://www.spotlightaroundtown.com


My mission is to give the community an opportunity to train and achieve their desired goals in a comfortable private setting with highly experienced trainers.

Our ideal client(s) is anyone with a positive attitude, and a willingness to work hard. That’s really it. Our goal is to give you very personal training.

We have the demonstrated experience providing our clients the expertise and inspiration to achieve their desired results.

We train professional athletes looking for specific results as well as casual athletes and those with zero experience seeking to jump into a fitness routine.  We also have experience with special needs clients to help them improve their lives with stronger more capable bodies.

The Gym

Cardio, free weights, and strength training equipment, without the gym intimidation or corporate franchise BS. This is all used for personal training at the facility that was voted Happy Valley and Clackamas’ Number One new gym of 2019.

Virtual Training

I can help you reach your fitness goals by means of virtual training. Using any equipment you have on hand, we can set up a program to increase strength, flexibility and keep you on track during this trying period.

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First Day vs 3rd Day

Notice the difference the right training cues can make.  Is our trainer telling you o keep your ches up, to keep your back straight?  WRONG.  Stop with the 20 year old trainers who just received their certification online.  Stop in today and discover the diferece.  See why we were voted  #1.


30 Day Progress

I often get questions on how to get bigger arms, or how to “tone” them. How to get bigger arms starts with detailed blueprint. Many beginners fall into theat trap and create terrible imbalances in their arms.  If you feel stuck, or haven’t made any progress lately, stop in today and discover why we’ were voted the #1 personal training facility around. Stop wasting your time and money with the corporate franchise gym trainers and get with someone experienced.

Personal Training for a One Arm Lift
Personal Training Grandfolk Award Badge

You need a plan!

Any trainer can make you sweat, and trainer can make you sore. There has to be a reason and a method to the madness. Our workouts are designed to have you progressively build toward your ultimate goal. A fun workout is great, but the results of a well designed personal training plan, is the best reward. How many Mondays have been and gone since you said “I’ll start next week”? Take Action! Start Today!



Ryan really cares about me. He has been patient while I’m learning about strength training. He is very attentive and not intimidating. He is pushing me to do things I never thought I could do. I feel like I really get a good training from him. The gym is well appointed and clean. He’s got a great place. I can tell he is very passionate about making a great experience for all his clients. If you’re on the fence, just do it! You’ll kill it with him by your side. Thanks, Ryan!

Holly Remington
Thursday, August 31, 2019
Jason Pitman

Best decision I could have made to improve my fitness goals. As a former Professional MMA fighter and current BJJ competitor I needed someone to help repair old injuries and increase my strength and performance. I have gotten that and more! I can't believe how much stronger I have already gotten ( Ryan tracks it and the numbers don't lie). My shoulder and back issues have improved quite a bit as well. Fair to say I will NEVER go back to training without the superior coaching I receive at Valley Strength and Fitness! All trainers and strength coaches ARE NOT created equal! Come train with the best!

Jason Pitman
Thursday, September 7, 2019
JJ Armstrong

Ryan is a good dude knows what he is doing and talking about go give him a try!!!

Jeremy Armstrong
Wednesday, August 30, 2019
Bill Berk

Thank you, Ryan! You did more for me than PT ever did. It’s been more than two years since you got me back to exercising after my surgery. I could only walk a half a block before the pain would stop me. I’m up to 6 miles easily and only stop for lack of time. I’ve now lost 40 lbs since then and every month keeps getting easier. Your confidence and attitude and kindness made all the difference. Anne says hi, too and that she hopes you don’t still have ropes. 😂

Bill Berk
Founder & CEO
Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ryan at Valley Strength and Fitness will absolutely help you achieve your fitness goals. His knowledge is on point and the custom tailored nutrition and fitness plans are top notch!! 👍 👍 👍 👍 💯 💯

Jeremy Nutt
Wednesday, August 23 2019
Shane Jaqua

When I first entered Valley strength and fitness, I knew I wanted a change in the lifestyle I currently led. Ryan helped me not only understand what was necessary inside the gym to accomplish my goals, but he also assisted me in knowing how to evaluate my own diet in order to reach my desired weight loss. He gave me the tools necessary and the encouragement, and accountability I needed to succeed. In my time with Ryan I have lost over 25lbs and 6 inches off my waist. He is both professional and diligent in helping me to prepare diet and training plans that I could realistically achieve, taking into account my own personal needs. Thank you, Valley Strength and Fitness and specifically Ryan Achenbach for giving me the tools that I can use well into my future.

Shane Jaqua
Thursday, August 24, 2019
Peter Hooper

I just started working out with Ryan a couple weeks ago and I really appreciate him patiently showing me how to do the exercises correctly and then why that particular exercise will help build which muscle groups to achieve my goals of building my core for a healthy long term. He is a very good “teacher” and motivator!

Peter Hooper
Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Liliya Matveyev

I was looking for a fitness trainer who will push me and get me going well on my way to my body goals and Ryan exceeded my expectations! He is an interactive trainer and his sessions are seamless. He educates and clearly communicates what the selected workouts are supposed to target. He explains how your muscles work as you position yourself on the different machines. He thoroughly goes over correct forms vs how one can injure themselves so you can feel confident about what he is having you work! Valley strength and fitness is clean, private, new and perfect for a productive workout session. Parking is easy and you can also run multiple errands before or after as it is a great location! Highly recommended!

Liliya Matveyev
Wednesday April 10, 2019

Ryan is a phenomenal trainer, he finds unique variations of different exercises that work for different people. He helped me gain leg strength by creating alternative ways for me to do squat exercises as well as deadlifts. Ryan also does an excellent job in pushing me past my plateaus in training. I had reached a plateau in my bench press, and Ryan helped me conquer that plateau by switching up my chest day schedule and creating new exercises that helped me push through and hit my new personal record. Unlike a lot of trainers, Ryan really takes time to figure out what your goals are creates a personalized diet and exercise plan that is tailored to your lifestyle. I would recommend Ryan to everyone, best trainer I’ve had!

Hendrik Tammekivi
Monday October 14, 2019

I look forward to continuing my workouts when Valley Strength and Fitness is in full force. So proud of you Ryan. Mona McCarthy Ryan is an amazing trainer. He listens to the client and you will work together to achieve your goals. He will push you, for sure, but only so that you get what you want, not to meet some imaginary standard. I wanted input on my form, making sure I was doing exercises correctly. He taught me a lot about basics like pushups, pull-ups, deadlifts, etc, and some new exercises I’d never heard of ( Turkish rollup is now a favorite of mine). I get more effective workouts in less time, and with less injuries. He is also honest, hardworking and a very interesting person. Any time you spend with Ryan is time well spent, indeed. I recommend him for any level of fitness. Anne Berk Ryan had me in the BEST shape of my life! I’ve never reached that level of fitness or physique on my own before or since training with him. Worth. Every. Penny. Trust me when I say you will save in the long run if you choose to go with him as your trainer. I could not be more thrilled to see this grand opening - he was born for this!!!

Angela Caiazza
Wednesday June 5, 2019
Jerrie Glanders

Ryan is an outstanding trainer. i have been training with him for over three years. At age 60 I'm stronger and more confident then ever. Ryan has helped me reach goals I never thought I could accomplish. He listens to what you want and helps you get there. Ryan has helped me train for obstacle course races and has been teaching me boxing. My nephew that played college football even wants to do a Spartan race with me. Thank you Ryan.

Jerri Glanders
Monday, May 27, 2019

Highly recommend training here.

Jason Connelly
Monday, November 11, 2019
Julie and Ryan

I started training with Ryan Achenbach at the end of July 2015. After spending the summer disgusted with the look of my sagging, wrinkling arms, and avoiding sleeveless clothing the entire summer, I decided I needed to see if there was anything that could be done to firm, and tone up my arms. My arms were beginning to resemble my mother's arms with the skin sagging off the bones. I decided to try personal training, although I really didn't think at my age, it would make a difference. I had never done any type of weight training in the past, but had done just about everything else, running, aerobics, cycling, etc, with only minor results. I had always been a little intimidated about working out with weights. It has always been out of my comfort zone. I am small boned and have no muscle what so ever. My left side was much weaker than my right, due to a surgery yrs ago that removed some of my shoulder muscle. When I started training with Ryan, I could barely do 10 bicep curls with my left arms with a 5lb weight. Ryan has worked with me for 3 months and my left side is almost caught up to my right side as far as strength. My goal was not to lose weight, so I have not been on a diet, but my body has changed. I have lost tons of inches, and have gone from a size 4 in pants to a size 0. So, even at my age, which I am not saying, it is still possible to firm, tighten, and shape your body. This has only been a three month process so far for me, and the results are incredible. I have a special event coming up in Los Angeles, and because of my training with Ryan, I am going to be able to wear an outfit I otherwise would not have been considering wearing. Ryan cares about doing his job right and making sure that his client is going to obtain results. He is not just standing there trying to get through his hour with you, he is actually teaching you and the slightest adjustments to your form can make a big difference. If I am going to show up at the gym and spend time working out, I want to get the most out of it. Ryan has taught me how to do that. As I have said, I have tried everything. I have been working out for yrs, but never achieved these kinds of results. I wish, I would have met Ryan yrs ago. If you want to do something special for yourself, or just learn how to effectively use weights, I really hope you consider working with Ryan. If we were living in Los Angeles, I truly believe Ryan is so good at what he does, he would be a trainer to the stars.

Julie Durkin
Monday, November 7, 2017

As someone who has worked out with Ryan consistently, five days a week, for 2 1/2 years, he has done an excellent job. Not only in representing the gym but also building a relationship with me that I would consider invaluable as an employer. In my 2 1/2 years working with him, he has never missed a training session. I certainly have, but he has never not been available. This would include weekends and 17 days in a row last year when I was getting ready for an athletic event. The hardest working trainer in the city. I've been working with him for years, and dude knows his stuff. If your looking to get in shape, this is the man, and the gym, to go to.

Jerry Brazie

A couple of years ago, I was a frequent visitor at a gym with no results no matter how hard I worked out. It was very frustrating and very discouraging. My workouts were getting more and more infrequent. Then I met Ryan Achenbach and everything changed. I told him my goal was to tone and have a stronger upper body. My weak arms and flabby stomach were frustrating me. I mentioned to him that no matter what I did at the gym I was getting zero results Ryan listens intently to what your goals are and makes you feel very comfortable talking about how you want your body to improve. He trains and teaches you how to meet your own personal goals. Not only does Ryan challenge you during trainings he pushes you harder than you believe you can go. My arm strength is far beyond what I thought it could ever be, they are strong and cut! Doing pull-ups and unassisted dips was something I thought I could never achieve. I have lost 3 inches on my waist and 2 inches on my hips and one and half inches on my thighs. My stomach is no longer flabby. Ryan has taught me how to work out and get results. I have been training with him for over a year and half and due to Ryan’s commitment, knowledge and expertise as a personal trainer, I am, at 55, in the best shape of my life! Thank you Ryan!

Eric Hampshire

Ryan Achenbach comes across as a personal trainer who cares very much about his trainees including me. He has given me a thorough understanding on what good form is within every lift I'm given. He answers texts almost immediately that helps substantially when you have a question right in the middle of you workout. He is very enthusiastic about training others and has given me discounts as I am a student at the age of 16 years old. I highly recommend "Happy Valley Strength and Fitness" 5/5 stars within every aspect.

Eric Hampshire
Ashley Chow

I would like to give my own testimony of why I had selected Ryan as my personal trainer. I had been coming to the gym for years and was ready for a new challenge. The club was offering free 30 minute session with a trainer of your choice. I selected Rocky purely on his number of years of service. A few days after, a gym friend of mine had suggested that Ryan and I should train together. All Ryan asked for was the same opportunity that I’d given Rocky. The differences in their approach to providing me a free session could not be any more different. Rocky stuck to the 30 minute time slot and walked me around the weight room floor, occasionally having me hop on some equipment to do a few quick reps. When I would ask questions regarding how he designs his programs for his clients or questions I had about nutrition, his response was always answered with “after you purchase some sessions, we can talk about that.” In contrast, Ryan never made me feel pressured. He gave me a full body workout that in hindsight was the same quality workout as those I would eventually pay for. He motivated and pushed me beyond my comfort zone, answered all my questions I had in regards to form, diet, and frequency of how often I should train each muscle group. Without receiving any compensation from me, he had already displayed his passion for his career, his commitment to his clients and his dedication to his work ethic.

Ashley Chow
Trevor Wesley

"If your Goal is personal Strength and fitness , This is the place."

Trevor Wesley

As an “old guy” planning retirement, doing something about staying healthy in my upcoming retirement has become very important to me. I tried the Club gyms. They pretend to be focused on health but it was easy to see the real driving factor was profit margin. Facilities would be dirty and maintenance slow. Club Trainers would come and go. Experience was generally entry level. Passion from the Trainers was often phoned in. Paid training sessions would be cancelled so that Club Trainers would have their time freed up to solicit new business. The Club is all about the Club and not the individual. I was luckily in running into Ryan. He’s conducted 1,000’s of training sessions. He is genuinely passionate about fitness and the individual, right down to customizing workouts to accommodate age and disabilities. I’ve been training with him for over 2 years. Now that he has been able to move away from providing training in the Club atmosphere and into his own private gym, built for individualized fitness, I find it an ideal fit for my goals. I also like not having to deal with Club contracts or membership fees. If your serious about developing and maintaining a solid fitness plan with the help of a true expert, I recommend you see Ryan at Valley Strength and Fitness.

David Gray
Joseph Poaero

Ryan takes the guess work and planning out of your training. Just show up and work hard and you'll make progress guaranteed. I took a long break from training and Ryan helped me get back into the habit of pushing myself.

Roller Leg Curls

I started training with Ryan a couple of months ago and I see almost daily improvement in my strength and stamina. I am over 60 and needed to make a change to improve my health and with Ryan, I see and feel the results. Ryan has tailored my workouts to meet *my* goals and they are never boring or repetitive but always challenging and interesting. I came in for the free evaluation session and was impressed by his enthusiasm in sharing his knowledge about how to do the exercises the right way to prevent injury as well as to get the most from each one. What I like especially is the continuing education he provides on which exercises works different muscles and how the whole program works towards my goal. I can't say enough good things about Valley Strength and Fitness. It's like having your own personal gym complete with trainer!

Dennis Ganoe
January 13, 2019

Ryan is my first personal trainer, ever. He is the best. After 9 months with Ryan, I am sold on the benefits of long term training.

Shemia Fagan
Lisa Achenbach

Ryan is my only brother. He's adopted

Lisa Achenbach

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