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Dakota Ushigome


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Dakota has been a trainer, and competition coach for over 20 years. She brings her own twist on training and nutrition to her clients, specifically customized to the individual’s goals. Known as “The Transformer”, Dakota, a former national-level competitor herself is known as one of Portland’s best coaches for bikini, figure and physique competitors with a huge track record of success. She is also a posing/prep coach for Team AlphaStarr. This expertise can translate to ANYONE who is wanting to look their ultimate best. “Aesthetics is about achieving the body you’ve always dreamed of and I know that nothing is impossible. Anyone’s dream can come true!”

Behind every successful woman, there is a village of others who have supported, guided and believed in her. In my life, it started with my mother, and my grandmother. And from there, the list is endless. So, here is a thank you to all women. We are beautiful, strong, and come in many shapes, sizes, colors. To all of the amazing women out there, a shout out to you. Remember…other women are not our competition, they are our allies. Have a wonderful day

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