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Welcome to Valley Strength and Fitness blog.  This blog is dedicated to all those seeking to improve their fitness and nutrition.  Here are some facts to get your started: 

  1. Exercise energizes you
  2. Just a 10 minute workout will make a difference in your fitness
  3. You don’t have to work up a sweat to burn calories
  4. Exercise helps you fight disease


There is a ton of misinformation out there. Here are some of the myths I see over and over again.

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Keys to success

Simple stuff here, but a lot of people get it wrong. If you are not losing weight then you are not in a calorie deficit,

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Try the 70/30 method

 When planning a cutting diet, you’ll want your calorie deficit to be created by reducing carb and fat intake. However, it’s important to remember that

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How we burn calories

BMR is defined as the amount of energy that is required to exist and function. It is the defined “…as the energy required for performing

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Low Calories?

Saw this from @coach__carroll a while back and saved it. It’s absolutely relevant for many people who claim they can’t lose weight because of their ‘hormones’ or

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How many calories?

HOW MANY CALORIES you need to cut in order to drop weight will vary between individuals. A well planned cut consist of initially identifying what

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Energy Balance

“How can I be eating so little, and still gaining weight?”⬅ Have you ever felt this way? (Or had a client who has?)–🤔What’s the deal?

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Hard to swallow

Verified I’ve been seeing this meme floating around the Internet and it’s been cracking me up, so I decided to make my own version. 🤣⁣💊

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Fat loss strategies

Quick fixes.Short cuts.Fad diets. This is the current playing field. Everything except the discipline to create and follow a well composed diet. Sometimes it is

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