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Hi I’m Ryan Achenbach

I’m a personal trainer in the Clackamas/ Happy Valley area, and drug free powerlifting record holder.  I’ve serviced over 9500 personal training sessions, and I’m the owner of Valley Strength and Fitness. In 2019 after years of working at all the corporate gyms and seeing the dollar put before my client’s needs, I left the corporate world and started this personal training facility with the idea of putting the client and their needs first. My mission is to give the community an opportunity to train and achieve their desired goals in a comfortable private setting with highly experienced trainers.

Stop paying for the extras you don’t want, or use, and stop dealing with the impersonal intimidation of a big box gym, or the one size fits all group class. Be cautious placing your time and finances with an inexperienced, or part-time trainer. How often are you noticing a rotation of trainer’s pictures on the walls at your gym? Stop wasting your time not achieving your goals.

We work with a wide range of clients: from CEOs, gym owners, nurses, teachers, pro-athletes, coaches, other personal trainers, adaptive athletes, and to our family members.

Our ideal client(s) is anyone with a positive attitude, and a willingness to work hard. That’s really it.

We have the demonstrated experience providing our clients the expertise and inspiration to achieve their desired results.

Cardio, free weights, and strength training equipment, without the gym intimidation or corporate franchise BS. Happy Valley and Clackamas’ Number One Premier Personal Training Facility.