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Valley Strength & Fitness

Local Private Facility

Located in Clackamas, this private facility offers personalized training with individual support and guidance.

Corporate and Group Team Building

Get your teams involved! Build rapport and cohesiveness.

Skill and Experience

Record setting and award winning personal trainer to help you achieve your most desired goals.

Personalized Training in a Private Setting

Valley Strength & Fitness is a new kind of personalized training in a fully functional private gym setting. In December, Ryan was gracious enough to sit down with me and talk about his journey, building a space that offers clients a safe supportive environment to create and meet goals for a lifetime

Why did you create your own training faculty?

The vision of Valley Strength and Fitness is to offer personalized quality training to clients without all of the extra components. Essentially, Ryan expressed some frustration about how the “Corporate” box gyms use a business model that views the dollar at a greater priority than the client. In other words, the entire purpose of a business is to make a profit and gyms do this by attracting as many members as possible while offering only part-time or, in some cases, inexperienced trainers who don’t really understand the client’s needs overall.

Another frustration was something many of us experience as current customers of an organization or service provider, they offer special pricing to attract new clients but don’t offer the same benefits to current members. How frustrating is that? Ryan thought this personalized approach offered increased benefit and value without the increased cost and frustration.

How this type of personalized training works.

Training is conducted by appointment only. The facility isn’t open to the public, which is a great perk. Everyone who enters the facility is there for a specific purpose, a specific session meant to advance on achieving specified goals, and success is celebrated with a level of intimacy other gyms don’t offer. You can truly celebrate your personal goals in a safe space that offers guidance and support.

Clients buy personal training packages which include goal setting and personal training times can be flexible. Pricing ranges per package. Ryan offers different package sessions with times ranging from 30 minutes to an hour each. For instance, a 1 hour session is $77 but if when you buy packages, the cost of training per session is decreased. A 12 Session package brings the cost down to $62 each at a full price of $744.

See below for full pricing details.


Ryan holds 2 State Power-Lifting and 1 National Power-Lifting records. He’s passionate about teaching his students the right way to achieve their goals. He starts out offering basic instruction to ensure the client’s chances of experiencing injury are decreased. Once the client has the basics, he “moves on to the fun stuff”.. Oh I’m sure it’s all fun!

All kidding aside, Ryan is a certified award winning trainer that holds truth in his philosophies for training and getting in into the best shape the client can achieve.

Who are your people?

Ryan’s most frequent guests are between 40-60 years old (though he does like working with youth), women who want to improve their health.

They want flexibility, strength, endurance, and more, Ryan offers tools to help them achieve their goals and build on new goals in fitness.

On a side note, Ryan also works with some clients on nutrition basics and advises them on tools that they can use to help them achieve their nutritional goals.

Where do you see yourself in the community?

Ryan is in talks to work with local kids in Clackamas County. He’s a supporter of projects that help kids stay on the right path and work in ways that are most productive for them.

We had a talk about his desires to help youth and how much that part of his future offers encouragement. He wants to share his experience and show kids there are parts of their life that can offer great change for their future.

Thank you, Ryan, for giving kids a chance.


Best Happy Valley Fitness 2019 Award

Congratulations to Ryan for his recent award. We were informed that Valley Strength & Fitness was awarded the Best Happy Valley Fitness Award for 2019. We couldn’t be happier to see this award go to such a deserving facility. Good Job to the people over at Valley Strength & Fitness. Learn more here – Best of Happy Valley Fitness


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Personal Training Packages

1 Hour Sessions

1 Session $77

4 Sessions $288 ($72 each)

8 Sessions $536 ($66 each)

12 Sessions $744 ($62 each)

24 Sessions $1368 ($57 each)

30 Minute Sessions

10 – 30 Minute sessions $420 ($42 each)

45 Minute Sessions

10 – 45 Minute sessions $500 ($50 each)

Nutrition and Diet Coaching

Nutrition and Diet Coaching 1 Hour consult/plan $60.00


*$10.00 a month equipment maintenance fee

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