Best ab exercises

Alright, let’s talk abs!

Most people are doing thousands of crunches and all sorts of crazy abdominal exercises to get their abs to pop….yes, there will always be a place for direct ab work but, therefore I added the 2 of the bottom row to this one, because it always has its place.

But here’s the deal. Most people do WAY, WAY too much ab work. The people who are desperate to get abs train abs 7x a week in hopes that that will lead to more ab development. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

You see, direct ab work is just the icing on the cake. The exercises that will build your abs the most are actually the HEAVY, compound lifts that you have to do in every training program. Please, don’t rely on direct ab work to build your abs. That won’t work. Instead, focus on actually executing the heavy lifts. These will build your abs the most. Stop into Valley Strength and Fitness, Happy Valley and Clackamas’ Premier Personal training facility and discover the difference. Stop wasting your time and effort with a trainer who sits on a ball and watches you workout. Is your trainer having you do endless crunches or planks?

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