broccoli vs steak?



The question, “Is broccoli a better source of protein than steak” as it contains higher protein per 100kcal than steak”⁣

But the idea of eating broccoli isn’t to consumed it for its “protein content”⁣

This drivel of a comparison was an extract taken from Dr. Furhman’s book, Eat to liv, who referenced Adams, C. 1986. Handbook of the Nutritional Value of Foods. 1986… 3 decades old!!! Yet ignored the most regularly used nutritional reference USDA internet database: STEAK, a complete protein (meaning it contains all 9 essential amino acids that the body needs)⁣

Broccoli a vegetable, consumed for its micronutrients & fibre content. Not for its amino acid profile

BUT science & truth need to be clearly explained so people make informed decisions, not biased.⁣

Typically the argument of the anti-meat brigade, broccoli is cited as having higher protein per calorie than something like steak/meat.⠀⁣

Protein per calorie means nothing⁣

What really matters is how much protein is per gram of food⠀⁣

Here’s why: If you want to get for example 20g of protein from broccoli, you’ll need to munch your way through 790g of the whole pieces of broccoli …(almost a kilo of it)⁣

Look I can have it with no problem as it fills me up when I am dieting. But for someone who is not used to eat this much of fiber, it will cause bloating and digestive discomfort (including the farting bit)⁣

But if you want to get the same from steak, you need to eat much less (this apply to chicken, Turkey, pork, kangaroo meat) .⁣

For instance, eating a piece of lean cut of animal protein source, such as meat, you’d only need to eat 160g to get the same 20g of protein.⁣

In reality, it takes twice that much broccoli, or over 18 cups, containing nearly twice as many calories, in order to get anywhere near meeting all essential amino acid requirements.⁣

So this post has been made with the intention to clarify this point & educate people with truth.⁣

No one is eating kilograms of broccoli with the aim to get protein from it.⁣

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