Fat loss strategies

Quick fixes.
Short cuts.
Fad diets.

This is the current playing field.

Everything except the discipline to create and follow a well composed diet.

Sometimes it is the simple things that we make the most complex.

We make it confusing and difficult to execute not because it is, but rather because it’s a way of distracting us from the goal.

Acknowledgment of this behavior is critical. Next step is simplify the strategy.

High quality protein is the basis for your nutrition plan, 1 gram per pound ideal body weight (you can of course go higher).

Keep carbs if you eat them to 30-40 grams max per meal to minimize insulin response. I personally am of the thought that you earn your carbs.
Keep fat in caloric check with your overall target calorie goal.

Keep it simple.
Keep it clean.
Keep it disciplined.

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