From Couch potato to Plyo.

We have seen a drastic change in our culture the last few months, evidently bigger than bodybuilding/health and fitness as a whole.

One change within the health and fitness industry is an increase in the ‘Mr Motivator’ style of workouts. What I call the ‘Couch to Plyo’ workouts. 

Burpees & Squat Jumps are fine examples here. For the everyday Joe, who doesn’t do any form of exercise at all, going from couch to squat jumps is pretty crappy on your joints. 

The very form of Plyometrics we are seeing, isn’t even why Plyometrics exists in the first place. It’s actually being applied in a totally inappropriate manner. We aren’t supposed to be doing these in a HITT style of training lol. Normally we use Plyo with low rep ranges, extended rest periods etc. 
I feel like as a ‘bodybuilder’ myself, we shout and scream ‘our way is the best way’. It’s totally untrue and there’s other ways to train. But going from nothing to hopping is pretty tough on your joints mang.

The goal is always getting people to their goal in the safest possible manner. This isn’t it. Unless you know a great lmt, of which are mainly people who run these types of workouts anyway. Clever, injure them, then fix them for double the cost. Offffft.

Train smart.

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