Hard to swallow


I’ve been seeing this meme floating around the Internet and it’s been cracking me up, so I decided to make my own version. 🤣⁣💊 ⁣

Here are some hard truths about calories, fat loss, weight gain that people typically don’t like to hear. 🙉⁣

The reality is that underreporting of calorie intake is a VERY common problem. So many individuals are consuming far more calories than they realize. They’re either in denial and try to turn a blind eye to what and how much food they’re actually eating, or they’re genuinely oblivious. ⁣

Either way, the fact of the matter is that yes, you do need to be in a consistent calorie deficit in order to shed body fat. ⚖️ Be brutally honest with yourself about your diet to get serious about your results. ⁣

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