I gained 4lbs overnight?!

Not really. It was expected because I had a FEAST and I enjoyed every minute of it! After failing my bench the other day from just not having enough energy, I had to make up for the energy deficit I put myself in. It was something I did intentionally but took it a bit too far and it showed in my lifting.

It’s normal for the scale to increase after a big meal. For one, food has mass. It has its own weight so more food = more weight. I ate a lot of carbs and my glycogen stores were probably low so a lot of the carbs were stored in my muscles. With that comes water as carboHYDRATES hold water when they are stored. Add extra salt with that and we’re are talking if animals were round level water retention (google if animals were round). All of this will go back to normal as I go back to normal. I will shed these extra carbs and water over the coming days.

It’s common to think that if the scale went up, it was because of fat gain. Generally, this isn’t going to occur overnight from one meal. The scale will fluctuate and it’s normal. Don’t freak out and become attached to the scale weight. It just a number and doesn’t determine you’re worth. Easier said than done, I get it. It takes work but it is possible to become emotionally detached from the scale. Something else that helps is not feeling guilty for eating a lot. I ate it and moved on. If I felt guilt and shame, this could lead me to continue to overeat. On the flip side, it could lead you to restrict food and overexercise to make up for the big meal. Nah, ain’t nobody got time for that. I used to do all these things so I speak from experience.

So what steps am I taking to get my weight back down? Nothing, really. I’m eating as I normally do and exercising as I normally do. The scale will come down and my lifting belt still fits so that’s all I can ask for.

In summary, I gained 4 lbs overnight and nothing bad happened. Plus, my lifts felt great.

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