If you aren’t utilizing full range of motion, you’re robbing yourself of gains. ⁣

Upping the weight on the bar and sacrificing form? That’s letting your ego win. ⁣

Egos don’t build muscle mass. Full range of motion, intention and proper execution does. ⁣

What about volume Ryan, doesn’t volume build muscle? Yes, it does. But if you increase the weight on the bar and end up 1/4 squatting/benching/pulling because of it you’re missing out on that last 1/4 of volume by not going to parallel (or lower…).⁣

I recommend filming your sets every once in a while to check form, and make sure that full ROM is being executed 🎥⁣

You can still build muscle mass with a partial range of motion… but like I always say➡️Just because you can get away with something doesn’t mean it’s optimal.⁣

To date, the research suggest training to partial range of motion may produce some gains in muscle mass, but NOT more than full ROM will ( at least for lower body PMID: 32030125). ⁣

Personally, I will take “more” rather than “some” any day. ⁣

Keep your squats low and your standards for yourself high!

We aren’t here to “get away with things.” We want to truly maximize our work in the gym to be the best athletes we can be.

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