understanding the process

Understand the process.
We all know bodyfat will increase due to the surplus required to grow muscle. But…are you ACCEPTING or RESISTING this?🤔
Every single day I have the same discussion with at least one person on this topic.
You have to put on bodyfat to build muscle.  Yes your clothes may not fit the same (or at all) & you may have cellulite (NORMAL). You HAVE to be ok with this

If you want to build muscle and improve the next time you diet down, you have to put in the hard WORK. You have to train appropriately & fuel your body with enough to build lean mass & some bodyfat is gonna happen with that.
Those Instagram models you’ve looked at and gone ‘ I want that!’ has been through it.
they bulked, they grew, they train HARD to build their physique BEFORE they cut down to reveal that shape. They did the hard work FIRST.
If you decide you want look like ‘that person’ you have to be comfortable putting on weight.
Also, NO ONE GIVES CARES WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE OR DO. Why do you think anyone is going to waste more than 30secs of their time thinking of YOUR body anyway?
Plus, If you’re bulking right (fuelling your body appropriately) you won’t be a fat slob. 
My advice⬇️

Look at the bigger picture. You need to do this to change body composition, build strength or grow more muscle for stage.
Realize you WILL get bigger & just be ok with that. It’s OK to have some bodyfat!
Remind yourself everyone has their own lives & couldn’t be bothered wasting their time thinking about how ‘They” don’t have abs anymore’
Do this and do it right. Your future body thanks you for it 💪🏽🔥

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