Change of mind.

I’ve believed some crazy stuff over the years. Luckily, when I’ve been presented with evidence to the contrary, I’ve been able to see the error of my ways and change my mind. Some people get really uncomfortable in this types of situations which is normal. It’s called cognitive dissonance.

The way I deal with new and contradictory information is to listen to it or read it and take it in. I don’t necessarily accept it right away but often think “oh, that’s interesting” and let it fester in my brain. I’ll also usually take a deep dive into the topic and research it more until I come to an educated conclusion.

It’s interesting when I reconnect with former clients and they expect me to do things like I used to. I have to gently break it to them that I do things differently now and why I changed. Most understand and are on board.

As humans, we are not huge fans of change but life changes constantly and happens whether we want it to or not so we might as well embrace it and enjoy the ride.

Here are a few things I’ve changed my mind on:
Functional training
Causes of injury
Organic food
What things have you made a 180 on? Comment below

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