Re-think your drink!

Beginning a diet and consider a smoothie to be healthy!? Because it’s full of nutrients do you forget to recognize the hidden calories?! With so many ‘healthy’ options cons ‘clean’, ‘free from’, ‘natural’, ‘raw’ and unprocessed; the health and fitness industry has made food choice when dieting a confusing thought! As a result a go-to choice for a lot of people can be misinformed and ends up being unintentionally a calorie dense choice. Take the above option for example; a health bar smoothie or home made full of nutrient dense ingredients seems like the perfect choice when in actual fact a choice like this can be quite taxing on a calorie budget!
Step 1- FAIL-PROOFING your diet: shake off the excuses! On a body transformation journey often one’s mind is ready to fail before their body is. In a split second, their dedication levels can come crashing down with a single excuse that drives them through an easier road. Remember your method doesn’t need to involve suffering or bending over backwards BUT getting your goal body won’t come without some applied effort. One way you can exert this effort is in your diet and being prepared with meals accounting for each of them in the context of the whole day.
Remember: ‘Clean’ doesn’t always mean ‘flawless’, your food choices should consider your diet as a whole, rather than cleaning up one meal – or drink – that in fact could be quite high in calories and cost! Diet smarter, not harder.
Get to know the intake needs of your body and how to eat with balance and flexibility for your goals.

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