Does stay at home have you drinking more? Might rethink that..

Alcohol impairs the immune system weakening defenses against pathogens, including viruses and bacteria.
Alcohol interferes with the ability of white blood cells (your fighter cells) to make their way to the site of injury or infection. Alcohol also damages immune cells in the lining of the intestines – one of the first sites of defense against pathogens.
A few study results:
– Cell study: a moderate amount of alcohol (2 oz. vodka) impaired immune system cell activity.
– 11 oz. of beer a day for women and 22 oz. for men for 30 days altered immune system functioning in adults.
– A blood alcohol concentration of > 0.10 reduced white blood cell activity for hours after being intoxicated.
– Chronic alcohol consumption is associated with increased incidence of bacterial pneumonias.

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PMID: 25572859

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