Holiday weight gain?

HOLIDAY WEIGHT GAIN Has it happened for you?

The Holidays can be an incredibly challenging time if body composition and weight maintenance is a priority for you!

I can confirm I found this year especially difficult because my competition season coming t RIGHT around the festive season! Like many of you, I like food, I also love entertaining and taking some time to ENJOY myself! Who doesn’t !

One of the many things that is truly important for my wellbeing which keeps me feeling positive and happy is a having a strong sense of community and belonging, so my surroundings and my relationships are truly important to me!

Knowing this about me, it’s important for me to plan ahead so I don’t undo all the hard work I’ve put in this year!

1. Have a post holiday REVERSE DIET plan in place, so as soon as I woke up the morning after show day I know what I’m working towards.
2. Have a new training program and goal in place but also not setting the bar too high for the initial week of workouts as my body was definitely needing some recovery from missed days, holiday season.

3. Not devouring everything in site on the first day. All the foods I had to completely skip out on due to work and holiday aren’t going anywhere! So I decided to pace myself and incorporate one treat each day while still hitting macros.

4. Maintaining good behaviors like measuring out foods I know are calorie dense, but allowing myself some freedom and easing up on the strict accuracy of low calorie foods. ⁣

If you need help getting on track or back on track after the holidays, stop in today and let’s talk!

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