Foam Rolling do’s and don’ts

I get it. You love your foam roller. I did too. I traveled with one. Convinced many people to get one. I thought it was THE key to better performance, recovery etc.

Turns out, I was wrong. It’s main purpose is making you feel good. I have no problem with this. I do occasionally roll on one when I need to change the sensations in my body. But that’s all it’s doing. It’s not making any structural changes to your muscles or breaking up adhesions or releasing fascia. It won’t help you recover faster or perform better.

I think knowing the facts allows for freedom.

Short on time and can’t roll today? That’s ok. Nothing bad with happen and your workout will still be good and effective.

Hate the stupid thing and don’t want to use it but think you have to because everyone else does and you don’t want to miss out? You’re not. Don’t worry about.

You love it and want to use it? Great! Roll for 90s to 2 min in each area between warm-up sets to use your time efficiently.

Most claims for most products are for marketing purposes, generally based on fear and with a lot of liberties taken on the interpretation of the science and its effects. Be fully informed then make your decision.

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