Mind Muscle connection

What Can You Gain By Lifting With Intent?

Bringing focus to your training offers the following benefits, which are really just the tip of the iceberg: · Enhanced mind-muscle connection: Both anecdotes and research confirm you can more effectively target the muscle you are training when you focus your intention on it.
* Enhanced technique: Studies have shown that just visualizing yourself drilling free throws or slamming home putts is almost as effective as actually doing them. Lifting weights is no different.
* Superior intermuscular coordination: This simply means the coordination between different muscles in your body, which is essential for any compound movement. Your biceps have to relax as your triceps lock out during a bench press. If you don’t focus your intention on both of these things happening, you simply won’t bench press as much.
* Better safety: Injuries are much less likely to occur if you intentionally focus on what you are doing.
*Greater satisfaction: Each time you enter the gym, know exactly what you are working, how each exercise feels, and whether you are maximizing the desired adaptation. When you have this intention, you can end your workout knowing you did your best, which can increase your overall satisfaction and motivation.
*Superior results: When you focus on what you are doing and the desired adaptation, you can’t help but get better results.

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