How sugar kills your diet

With all these fitness and weight loss “experts” these days, it’s often hard to sort out fat from fiction. So let’s look at the science behind sugar.⁣

*PET scans of the brain show sugar increases dopamine the same way as drugs and alcohol, meaning it’s HIGHLY addictive. Adding in addictive, high calorie, nutritionally void foods will do absolutely nothing to help your weight loss and will make it harder to avoid these types of foods. ⁣

* Excess sugar increases insulin, which will lead to increased fat storage capabilities. Minimizing insulin spikes is critical to faster weight loss. ⁣

*The human body likes “homeostasis”, meaning a state of sameness. When you eat sugar you cause your blood sugar to spike, and doing it repeatedly has a physiological effect. When your blood sugar drops back down, it will trigger more cravings for sugar. It’s pretty dang hard to diet through cravings. ⁣

*Sugar increases susceptibility to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and other diseases. It is imperative for your health to minimize sugar.⁣

So next time that personal trainer at your local globo gym tells you “it’s fine, as long as it fits your calories or macros”, you know better.⁣ Stop in today to Happy Valley and Clackamas’ premier personal training facility.

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