What is NEAT?

NEAT! What is it, why should you care and how can you increase it?

NEAT is a very important tool when it comes to fat loss and being healthy.

NEAT stands for non exercise activity thermogenesis.

The MAJORITY of the calories you burn everyday come from NEAT. Your 1 hour workout is only buring about 4% of your daily calories. Not much 🙁

If you’re trying to maximize fat loss, paying attention to your NEAT. It’s very common for your NEAT to slow down during a dieting phase because, we just have less energy and aren’t moving around as much. When your NEAT decreases, you end up burning less calories. This doesn’t help you in a fat loss phase. By keeping your NEAT up, you’ll help yourself stay in a caloric deficit.

Focusing on NEAT is beneficial for those who don’t have a fat loss goal in mind too! I pay close attention to my NEAT everyday, as it is very easy for me to sit all day given the nature of my job as an online coach and full time student.

The benefits of moving around more frequently go far beyond fat loss. Moving around more frequently can help improve insulin sensitivity, increase blood flow for improved circulation, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease & more! So even if you “don’t have time” for the gym, you can focus on increasing your NEAT to get some of the benefits that regular exercise has to offer! Stop in to Clackamas and Happy valley’s premier personal training facility and schedule your consult. Let’s achieve your goals together!

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