How to keep fat off for good!



This includes any form of restraint
that limits food intake, whether it’s limiting calories, time-restricted eating,
limiting certain macronutrients (low carb/low fat), portion control,
tracking macros/calories. While it’s important to employ a strategy that
requires minimal willpower & sacrifice to be effective, every diet will require
some level of willpower and sacrifice.

Successful “losers” seem to monitor body wt daily, weigh their food, or
practice some form of measuring food intake. When measuring your intake, you ensure that you’re actually in an energy deficit or in maintenance (goal depending). Weighing daily acts a bit like a self-regulator, although seems less intuitive, it speaks to similar habits of being mentally engaged in the process of weight loss & maintenance. Problem is that many people finish their weight loss journey & stop weighing in because they don’t want to be bothered with it or they may not want to see it climbing. But weighing daily, allows you to self-correct faster as oppose to weighing in weekly or biweekly.

Regular Exercise
Exercise is key here. research shows that, over 70% of people who lost weight⁣
& kept it off engaged in regular exercise programs. Exercise increases TDEE, has metabolic benefits, lowers body fat set point & decreases expression of lipogenic genes increased by dieting

Structured Programs
Humans like structure, and they enjoy having someone to put their trust in⁣

Ability to Focus on the Long-Term Goal
Don’t let short-term feelings and desires dictate your behavior. If you focus on quick fixes you’ll never get your main goal.

Social Support
Accountability seems to be key for many people in order to succeed with certain goals. If someone compliments what you’re doing, it makes you more likely to⁣
keep doing it. If you have a friend doing the same thing you’re doing, it may make you more adherent

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