How to lose fat. Sure fire way

How to lose fat?!

This is the questions everyone wants to know.

It must be SOOOOO complicated because there is so much information out there about it and how to do it so it wouldn’t be as simple as reducing your calorie intake… right?

Let’s clear up the confusion.

First, the fastest, most trusted and guaranteed way to lose fat is to reduce your calorie intake enough than your body is forced to use fat as fuel.

You DO NOT NEED to do anything else beside nutritional restriction to cause weightless.

BUT we want to BUILD healthy habits, a healthy lifestyle and to be able to sustain the keep results long term

We want to then add in come physical activity that we enjoy such as sports, cardio/walking, weight training or anything that gets you moving in additional to your normal daily activities. (my personal preference is weight training and energy deficit)

That is it.

You don’t need to complicate it any more than this.

You don’t need supplements, specific meal timing strategies, or the latest super shred HIIT fat burning workout.

Calories > Activity

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

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