Keys to success

Simple stuff here, but a lot of people get it wrong. If you are not losing weight then you are not in a calorie deficit, and so it doesn’t matter what types of food you’re eating. Usually, if one switches their diet from mostly take-out to home-cooked meals; a calorie deficit is created due to being more full as a result of eating more fiber, and fewer calorie dense foods. But not always, so yes “clean” up your diet, but make sure you’re also in calorie deficit. Make sure the deficit isn’t too large either, or you’ll risk muscle mass and a hard rebound post diet. Aim for 1% or less of weight loss per week.
People seem to forget that lifting weights is what will provide them with the end goal/look that they want. If you want to be lean, toned etc. But all you do is cardio, abs, and diet; your end result won’t look as you envisioned. Your body needs a trigger to keep its muscle when it’s being underfed, that trigger comes from sufficient protein intake, as well as resistance training.
So unless your goal does not revolve around strength/physique, I would encourage you to prioritize lifting weights over cardio. Make sure you sleep well too, as one study found that those who were in bed for ~8hrs vs ~5hrs lost over 2x more body fat while on the same calorie restricted diet. Muscle loss was also significant in the 5hrs. Get your sleep in, it’s just as important as training and nutrition.

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