Strong at any age!

If you want to stay strong as you’re aging, you need to LIFT!
People think about cardio for aging, but at age 60, you will need strength to go about your daily activities.
Playing with the grand-kids.
Lifting your grocery bags.
Quite simply, for increased health and wellness, if exercise could be put in a pill, it would blow every other pharmaceutical compounds out of the water.
It has dramatic effects on your physical health.
It is simply that effective.
Not to mention that it is the more potent than most anti-depressants in the case of light and moderate depression.
It has been shown that lifting improves cognition and mood.
It increases sex drive.
And it is also a great stress reliever and will increase your testosterone levels.
There are entire books written on the topic, but this is just a short list of course.
Keep in mind that training can help combat the natural natural decline in muscle and bone density.

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