As a strength athlete trying to build bigger legs, we have to look at a few different things to make sure we can still progress in our sport and grow some crazy legs. ⁣

The first thing to consider is the skill acquisition of our sport. ⁣

The squat and deadlift are things we need to train in some capacity year-round, but keep in mind that those aren’t necessarily the best exercises to build huge legs. We are all built differently. ⁣

1)Some grow huge butts when they squat.⁣

2) Some can grow huge quads went they squat. ⁣

So to say the squat is the king to grow legs is not always true yet we have to train it for us to improve at our sport. ⁣
The squat requires a lot of stability, and we need our reps to be perfect, so I would always place squats first; that way, we can ensure the perfect execution of the movement without fatigue. This is not where we grow our legs; this is where we grow in our sport. ⁣

These sets and reps don’t get pushed to failure. I train them with an RPE leaving a few reps left in the tank to ensure proper form.

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