Tips to bringing intentionality to training!

Keep your eye on the prize. As you move through a training session, it is normal for your mind to wander. Instead of giving in to the urge to stop and chat with friends, check your phone, or stare into space, bring yourself back to the present moment. No matter how often your mind drifts, come back to the present moment—the iron in your palm, the tension in the cable. The more you practice focusing your mind on the present moment, the easier it gets.

Frame pain and discomfort. Training hard can be painful! Excluding injury pain, the pain you feel during a workout is what’s going to produce your desired result. Discomfort is part of maximizing yourself physically. If you want gains, you have to get used to intentionally going beyond your comfort zone. The pain of exercising is the pain of becoming a better you. Associate this sacrifice with your success by consciously intending to embrace the grind.

Remember why you are training. Some folks’ workouts are rushed because they begin thinking about what they “should” be doing instead of what they are accomplishing in the present moment. If this thought process unfolds during your session, contemplate why you are training. Is it to get stronger, build muscle, or have more energy? Maybe it’s to help you sleep better, reduce stress, or be more able to get down on the floor and play with your kids. Whatever your reason, remember that this is why you make training a priority. Knowing why you train can help you intentionally focus on how you train in the present moment.

End on a positive note. Instead of rushing off at the end of your workout, first take time to cool down with light cardio, stretching, or foam rolling. Then, go a step further: Lie down, embrace the present moment, and be grateful your body is able to do what it does. Let yourself relax and feel the positive effects of all your hard work.

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