The Overhead Press

  The overhead press is a great functional exercise to strengthen the deltoid muscle in the shoulder and there are often a few mistakes that people make when doing this movement.

If you have limited shoulder range of motion, you will generally arch your lower back and let your ribs flare in order to get the weight overhead. Work on maintaining a neutral pelvis, pulling your ribs into the abdomen, and scooping the shoulder blades while you press overhead. In order to create as much force as possible into the bar, it helps to keep the torso tight to transfer energy from the ground, through the hips and torso, and into the shoulders and arms. 

One of the best to improve your overhead motion is to use a light weight and practice the positions in this video. Over time, your body will strengthen into those positions. This stuff can’t be improved instantly overnight. It will take continuous work to be able to press overhead without arching the lower back and deactivating the core. Here at Valley Strength in Happy Valley, we have a landmine press which works well for different ranges of motion.

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