The Scale!

So many people live and die by the number on a scale. When working with clients they give me a number to hit. The truth is, if you’re 400lbs at 40%bodyfat and lose 200lbs and are 200 at 40% bodyfat it’s not what you want.

You literally are just a smaller version of your old self. We all know that water can’t make you fat, but if you drink a gallon of water you’re going to gain 8lbs. Things just don’t decipate. For a woman the variables are endless. Cycle, spicy food, anaerobic workouts, sleep, fiber, and of course, salt. If you hit any one of the above issues, weight can go thru the roof, but if you look at facts it helps a ton. FACT: It’s not weight you’re trying to lose it’s fat! FACT: A scale can’t tell you if you’re losing fat. 

When the scale goes up we automatically think we gained fat. Nope it’s just water weight. To lose a pound you have to be at a deficit of 3500 calories. That moment you wake up and gain 5 pounds that’s all water. You would literally have to eat an excess of 17500 calories to gain that weight. Knowing this helps on so many levels. First off the more guilt you feel the harder it is to stay on track. It’s human nature to concentrate on the present. You see the scale go up, you automatically think it’s pointless. If you realize that it’s mostly water, it’s easy to get right back on track. Stop thinking about the ‘don’t’ and start thinking about the ‘do’s’. If you say “don’t eat pizza, don’t eat pizza, don’t eat pizza.” Pizza is on your mind, thus creating a struggle.

Think about what you CAN have and concentrate on that. I myself have lost 10lbs in a day for a powerlifting meet. Truth is, that’s not what you’re looking for, not a number on a scale, but a composition, a changed thought process, and changed behaviors to have a body you love. A number on a scale can’t give you.

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