How to keep the pounds off!

Why do most people regain the weight they lost? It’s two-fold. First, people think that once they’ve lost the weight that they can just be done with it completely. That means they go back to their old habits, which is eating more calories than they were taking in (whether it be a lot of high calorie foods or very sedentary lifestyle or a mix of both).

The second reason is because our bodies and environment are fighting us to go back to where we were. Your hunger may be heightened, your drive to move more may be less, you’re surrounded by l sorts of yummy high calorie foods. The first and second reason are tied into each other by the way.
So are you screwed? No!! There are ways to fight back. There are foods that are more satiating. There are tactics to keep your calories and portions lower. There are awesome workouts that can allow you to move while enjoying it. We have trainers here that help you strategize when feeling hopeless. There are doctors who can even give medicines and refer to surgery when the above doesn’t work.
Either way, you can do it. It takes time. It takes practice! It takes patience! If you’re interested in working with one of our awesome Valley Strength and Fitness coaches to get you there, be sure to click on the website on our homepage and lets get a jump on the new year! Hope to have you in our gym!

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