Why can’t I lose weight?!

No where on this list are “hormones” or “starvation mode”. “I don’t know why I can’t lose weight” is repeated often. Here are some common reasons. Each is a sneaky way you’re getting extra calories without even realizing.

1. You’re drinking a high calorie latte daily. These loaded drinks can be the equivalent of a full meal. You feel like the rest of your day is relatively healthy but you’re getting an extra 300-500 calories from one drink, which ruins your attempt at losing weight.

2. You try to have a “healthy” snack like granola or trail mix. Top it off with not actually measuring how much you’re having. You feel like your small handful is just to get you to the next meal… except your small handful isn’t that small and you may grab a few extra small handfuls and leads you to another 300 or so calories you never accounted for. Again ruining your attempt at weight loss.

3. Salads are healthy right? Except when you add in a bunch of cheese and dressing and croutons and whatever else, the calories can really add up. Your “healthy” salad can end up being as many calories as a cheese burger. Keep your cheese and dressing on the side and use sparingly. If you’re being precise make sure you measure it out. Those Panera salads can ruin your weight loss goals if you’re not careful.

4. You’re not counting condiments. That ketchup and mayo may make up another 100-200 calories or even more depending on how much you use. Don’t forget about them!

5. Most people here won’t think that ribs are healthy BUT many of my patients were told that protein is good for weight loss. Well protein means meat. And ribs are meat… so they are good for weight loss! I shit you not this is common thinking without some education. Anyway they are super fatty and on top of it the bbq sauce adds a bunch of more calories as mentioned in the condiments point.

6. Chips? Healthy? Most people know they are not for weight loss. My point here is that these extra bites, licks, and tastes really add up. Think about while you’re cooking dinner and have a handful or giving your kids a snack and you steal a few.

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