Consistent weight loss

Two days ago I was talking to a client about how a caloric deficit is true but not necessarily helpful in a practical sense. It’s helpful in a conceptual manner though so you don’t fall for stupid magical fad diets or nonsense. Remember that a caloric deficit means you’re burning more calories than taking in. By definition, you will be losing weight over time. So if you’re not losing weight on average over the course of 2-4 weeks… you’re NOT in a caloric deficit despite what the calculator said and despite your best efforts. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or lazy or intentionally lying… it just means you’re not in a caloric deficit.
Keto? It’s not the difference in insulin that helps with weight loss. It’s the fewer calories you take in. Intermittent fasting? Fewer calories.
Now… there may be some “cherries on top” with some of these ways of eating, but 99% of it comes from the amount of calories you’re taking in versus burning.

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