How to know if you’re not eating enough

So many people try to rush weight loss by cutting out an insane amount of calories in a bid to lose “20lbs in a week”

Realise that weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint, you need to be able to be in it for the long term! –
You will feel hungry sometimes and have some cravings while you’re losing weight, and this is normal. However, if you’re feeling hungry all the time and all you can think about is food, and you’re cravings take over your mind, you’re eating far too little! –
Your mood and energy levels should actually improve while you’re dieting! You’ll feel lighter and happier! If you find yourself low energy and with a low mood, you’re again eating too little

You should be eating around 250-500kcal below your TDEE, this will lead to 0.5-1lb weight loss each week! And as always, if you need help working out your TDEE drop me a message and I’ll do it for you!

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