Will vegetables make you fat?

I’m a huge advocate for big veggie. Those who live the longest healthiest lives tend to eat more vegetables. No you won’t die quickly if you don’t eat them, but they seem to be protective of chronic disease when your diet is full of them.

One of the reasons we really like them is their ability to fill you up without many calories. You’ll feel fuller for longer and you’ll have an ability to last longer between meals without feeling as hungry. Some may get a bloating sensation, which means you may not tolerate that type or have issues with FODMAPS. That’s a discussion for another day.

Lastly, they can serve as a way to bulk your stools. Some may not find this beneficial but I think it’s important for better bowel health. I’m sure your local gi docs in Happy valley and Clackamas would agree! Stop in today and see what the whole valley is talking about! Book your session today!

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