Low Vit D and Covid


Hey folks! There are some papers coming out on vitamin D deficiency and worse outcomes for those who get COVID-19. I think these new studies are certainly interesting and have biological plausibility and mechanistic merit. However, remember that vitamin D deficiencies tend to occur in those in poorer health in general. So whether it’s causal cannot be said just yet.
The good news is that it’s not a harmful supplement to take in correct doses. I like to get mine from the sun, but those in colder climates or for those who work inside all day could supplement. In fact I generally recommend everyone supplement if they don’t get sunlight. To be exact you could get testing done and ensure you’re above the 30 or 40 ng/mL. I typically recommend 1000-2000 iu daily but check with your doctor. I’m NOT a DOCTOR!!!
I would caution though not to get false hope that it will save you. It’s just something we should have normal levels in regardless of this pandemic or not.

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