Metabolic slowdown?

Metabolic adaptations can occur when losing weight. Your metabolic rate decreases with weight loss and can sometimes go down further than what would be expected. It’s true.
However, there are many who feel they are in something people term “starvation mode”. It’s a mythical condition since it doesn’t have a set definition and also most of what I hear isn’t correct anyway. Some say they’ve been eating so few calories that their metabolic rate went so low that now they can’t lose weight. This is not occurring in my patients with obesity so please stop spreading this BS.
I’ve had/have some clients who weigh 250 pounds who have been told this and now they think they are eating 1200 calories and unable to lose weight due to this mythical BS. The truth is that no one showed them they were actually eating 2500 calories (or more) and help them improve their eating habits. Instead now they blame some false condition.

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