Vitamin D

Does vitamin D play a role in the adaptive process to intense exercise (AKA, exercise recovery)?

Although more research is needed several studies have suggested that supplementing with Vitamin D3 “may” help with muscle recovery through its role in the body’s inflammatory response. These studies supplemented with 4000 IU of vitamin D3 for ~30 days prior to a muscle damaging bout of exercise and found a faster recovery of muscle function.•
However, it should be noted that one of these studies was conducted in participants with vitamin D deficient status (<20 ng/mL). The adaptive effects are likely related to the individuals vitamin D status at the beginning of supplementation. Thus, taking an individual from a deficient to sufficient vitamin D status (> 40ng/mL) through supplementation may provide more benefits in terms of the adaptive response to exercise.

Finally, It’s important to have 25(OH)D levels assessed & discuss with your physician or sports dietitian prior to supplementing.

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