Why I hate jump lunges

Why do I hate on jump lunges, booty bands with no weight, and this trend of doing unrecognizable things on the abductor machine?

Because people see Karly on IG with huge glutes, a tiny waist and perfectly edited swipe workouts doing that shit and think it’s right or going to give them Karly’s body.

It’s the blind leading the blind, and quite frankly ridiculous with all the research we have telling us that volume, intensity and progressive overload are the keys to change your physique and get stronger.

All this information, and yet, somehow women are “influenced” to think they don’t need that… we need swipe workouts and jump around your living room plyos to “tone” in quarantine.

It inherently spreads the message that we can’t train to be strong- train to take up space.⁣

That’s why I love educating people about proper training and nutrition to optimize your physique & performance It’s empowering to learn what actually works, and to go against the status quo.

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