Why aren’t you losing weight?

A while back I saw this meme and I find it very relevant for many people, including my clients, who claim they can’t lose weight because of their ‘hormones’ or that they have a slow metabolism and simply can’t lose weight. Energy balance is not magic ladies and gentlemen. If you aren’t losing weight there is a reason… you aren’t in a caloric deficit. Now the reasons why you aren’t in a deficit can be numerous (we cover these reasons in during a nutrition consult at Valley Strength and Fitness, Happy Valley in Clackamas by the Winco on 82nd) typically I see a major reason is my clients are drastically underestimating what they eat. Sure some of these people have slower metabolisms than usual, but for the most part people who are also the WORST under reporters of caloric intake. Can’t lose weight? Try weighing and logging every single piece of food that goes in your mouth for a few days, and tell me again, why you’re not losing weight.

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